Reliable Precision in Challenging Conditions

Our Mobile Weighbridges represent a dynamic evolution in the field of weighing solutions. They are engineered for dependable and precise vehicle weighing, with a level of convenience and efficiency previously unmatched. The solutions are crafted for longevity, boasting a rugged design, robust weight sensors, and superior manufacturing quality. We proudly introduce high-precision Electronic Weighbridges to the market, a testament to our technical expertise and cutting-edge technology. These weighbridges are equipped with advanced features such as auto power on/off system, exceptional overload capacity, and high-precision strain gauge-based load cells. With state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, they have become indispensable tools for industries where mobility and accuracy are paramount. Experience the transformative power of mobility in weighing with Mobile Weighbridges, where precision meets flexibility for a new era of efficiency.

Advance tech is one of India’s leading manufacturers of electronic Mobile Weighbridge.

The Mobile Weighbridge is a marvel of modern engineering designed especially for businesses on the move. It is agile and adaptable and brings the precision and accuracy of traditional weighbridge technology wherever it’s needed most. Whether you’re in the construction industry, managing fleets of vehicles, or overseeing remote operations, this Weighbridge solution revolutionizes the way you measure and manage loads.
The assembly of our Weighbridge structure is simple, requiring minimal on-site work. Equipped with digital load cells and a user-friendly digital indicator, maintenance is a hassle-free endeavor. The center opening design facilitates convenient transportation, and its modular construction allows for easy re-installation as needed. Say goodbye to the constraints of static weighing and embrace the mobility, versatility, and accuracy of the Mobile Weighbridge.


Designed for fast and economical installation
Constructed and calibrated following rigorous quality standards
Pre-delivery calibration and testing to ensure accuracy
Built to withstand challenging environmental conditions
Superior corrosion resistance
Premium-grade steel enhances sectional efficiency and load-bearing capacity
Reliable microprocessor-based indicator that boasts reliability and user-friendliness

Technical Specifications

Platform Size6X3M7.5X3M9X3M12X3M14X3M16X3M18X3M
Capacity30T50T60T60T/80T80 T/ 100T80 T/ 100T100T
No. Of Load Cells4466688
Least Count5Kg5kg10kg10kg10kg10kg10kg
    • Max axle loads as per specs of Indian Road Congress
    • All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    • **Higher Capacities up to 200T are also available
    • Our policy prioritizes ongoing product improvement. Hence, we retain the right to implement technical enhancements without prior notification.

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