Advance Tech one of the leading weighbridge manufacturer also offers Semi R.C.C weighbridges. We offer reliable and robust platform for accurately weighing heavy vehicles in various industries.

A Semi R.C.C. (Reinforced Cement Concrete) weighbridge is a type of weighbridge that is constructed using a combination of concrete and steel reinforcement. Here are some key features and information about Semi R.C.C. weighbridges:

  1. Construction: A Semi R.C.C. weighbridge is typically constructed with a reinforced concrete deck, which is the part of the weighbridge where vehicles drive onto and are weighed. The concrete is reinforced with steel bars to provide strength and durability.
  2. Load Cells: Beneath the concrete deck, load cells or sensors are installed. Load cells are responsible for measuring the weight of the vehicle and its cargo. The data from the load cells are then used to calculate the total weight.
  3. Above-Ground Installation: Semi R.C.C. weighbridges are usually installed above ground, meaning that the weighing surface is at the same level as the surrounding road or ground. This design allows vehicles to easily drive onto the weighbridge.
  4. Multiple Sizes: Semi R.C.C. weighbridges come in various sizes to accommodate different types of vehicles, from small trucks to large commercial vehicles. The length and width of the weighbridge can vary based on the specific application and requirements.
  5. Accuracy: Semi R.C.C. weighbridges are known for their accuracy in weight measurement. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings where precise weight data is essential.
  6. Durability: The reinforced concrete construction makes Semi R.C.C. weighbridges durable and capable of withstanding heavy loads and frequent use. They are designed to withstand environmental factors such as rain and temperature variations.
  7. Maintenance: Like any equipment, weighbridges require regular maintenance to ensure their accuracy and reliability. This includes calibration, cleaning, and inspection of load cells and other components.
  8. Weighing Process: When a vehicle drives onto the weighbridge, the load cells beneath the deck measure the weight. The data is then sent to a weighing indicator or software system, which displays the weight on a screen or records it in a database.
  9. Applications: Semi R.C.C. weighbridges find applications in various industries, including agriculture, transportation and logistics, waste management, and manufacturing.
  10. Legal Compliance: India has regulations and standards for weighbridges to ensure accurate and fair trade measurements. Businesses that use weighbridges for trade purposes need to comply with these regulations.

Semi R.C.C. weighbridges play a crucial role in various industries where weight measurement is essential for operations, transportation, and trade. They are designed to be durable, accurate, and reliable, making them valuable tools for businesses that need to weigh vehicles and their cargo.



Semi R.C.C. weighbridges can often be customized to meet specific requirements and site conditions.

Some weighbridges include traffic management features to control the flow of vehicles in and out of the weighing area
Compliance with local and international legal standards and regulations to ensure accurate and fair trade measurements.
Calibration features ensure that the weighbridge remains accurate and can be adjusted as needed.
Semi R.C.C. weighbridges are known for their accuracy in weight measurement. Load cells or sensors are installed beneath the deck to measure the weight of the vehicle and its cargo.
The reinforced concrete deck is the weighing surface of the weighbridge, It is designed to withstand heavy loads.
Built with a reinforced concrete platform for a sturdy and durable foundation for weighing heavy loads
Engineered to handle heavy loads, making them suitable for various applications
Constructed using high-quality raw materials, ensuring reliability and longevity
Does not require painting or repainting, further reducing maintenance efforts and costs

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