Advance Tech brings you the future of precision weighing with our innovative Pit Type Weighbridge.

This advanced weighing solution offers a combination of accuracy, durability, and efficiency that sets new industry standards. Seamlessly integrated into the ground, it offers a smooth and uninterrupted passage for vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free weighing experience from any direction. Advanced load cells and state-of-the-art technology underpin the platform, guaranteeing precise weight measurements even under the heaviest loads.

The design prioritizes durability and stability, enabling consistent and reliable performance in the most demanding industrial environments. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on longevity, the weighbridge sets the benchmark for excellence, delivering optimal weighing solutions for a multitude of industries. Our Pit Type Weighbridge is expertly crafted for dependable performance in diverse industries, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking to maximize productivity while ensuring precise load measurements.

At Advance Tech, we are always committed to providing a solution that exceeds your expectations and offers accuracy that you can trust. Discover the power of precision with Advance Tech’s Pit Type Weighbridge, where every measurement is a step towards your success.


Built-In Pit allows the weighing surface to be level with the ground
Ensure precise vehicle alignment during weighing, contributing to accurate measurements
Safety features like guardrails and safety barriers enhance safety during weighing operations
The pit design minimizes the space needed for the weighbridge, making it suitable for locations with space constraints
Durability at its best
Provide highly accurate weight measurements
Can handle a wide range of vehicle types and load capacities, making them versatile for various industries
Require less maintenance due to their sturdy design
Access control systems can be integrated for added security and control over weighbridge operations
Can be customized to meet specific size and capacity requirements, accommodating various applications.
Can be integrated with software and data management systems for efficient record-keeping and data analysis

These features make Pit-Type Weighbridges a preferred choice for industries that prioritize precision, durability, and space efficiency in their weighing operations.

Technical Specifications

Platform Size6X3M7.5X3M9X3M12X3M14X3M16X3M18X3M
Capacity30T50T60T60T/80T80 T/ 100T80 T/ 100T100T
No. Of Load Cells4466688
Least Count5Kg5kg10kg10kg10kg10kg10kg
    • Max axle loads as per specs of Indian Road Congress
    • All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    • **Higher Capacities up to 200T are also available
    • Our policy prioritizes ongoing product improvement. Hence, we retain the right to implement technical enhancements without prior notification.

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