At Advance Tech, we understand that precision and efficiency in weighing operations extend beyond the weighbridge itself. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of top-quality weighbridge accessories designed to complement and enhance your weighing experience.

From advanced indicators and display systems to robust load cells and junction boxes, each accessory is engineered with the latest technology and highest-grade materials. Our customized software solutions and accessories are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries.

With Advance Tech’s weighbridge accessories, you can trust in the seamless integration and reliable performance of every component, ensuring accurate measurements, streamlined operations, and the peace of mind that comes with a well-equipped and efficient weighing system.

Weight Indicator:

At the forefront of precision weighing technology, we proudly lead the industry as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of weight indicators.

Our cutting-edge are manufactured incorporating top-tier components and advanced technology, all overseen by our highly skilled R&D team. What sets our weigh indicator apart is its recognition and approval by weigh and measures authorities for Class III usage, underscoring its accuracy and compliance.

Additionally, our weigh indicator boasts the flexibility of optional 9-pin RS232 ports, not just one, but two. The first port seamlessly connects the indicator to your PC and software for data interfacing and printing capabilities, while the second port serves as an auxiliary display, enhancing versatility in your weighing operations.

Industrial Weighing Terminal:

We are one of the primary manufacturers and suppliers of cutting-edge Industrial Weighing Terminals. Think of them as miniature computing powerhouses, tailor-made for weighbridging, equipped to meet every need, just like a full-fledged PC. Impeccably

designed and engineered, our Industrial Weighing Terminal encompasses top-tier components and state-of-the-art technology brought to life under the vision of our R&D team. We don’t just meet standards; we redefine them, setting new benchmarks in precision and performance.

Industrial weighing terminal- Wire Less Data (By SMS):

At Advance Tech, we offer a cutting-edge solution for businesses across various sectors. This technology enables real-time weight data to be transmitted securely and efficiently, ensuring seamless operations and enhancing productivity. It allows you to access weight data remotely, providing flexibility for monitoring and managing operations from anywhere, even when you’re on the move.

Junction Box

At Advance Tech, our junction box solutions are designed to accommodate multiple loads or seek compatibility with platforms, podiums, hoppers, or tanks. Our engineering prowess ensures that these junction boxes not only meet but exceed industry standards, offering you a reliable and robust solution for your weight monitoring requirements. These expertly crafted units provide the essential support and connectivity you need to ensure accurate and efficient weight measurements.

Jumbo Display

Jumbo displays have robust capabilities and high-intensity functionality. Equipped with LED characters and precision-crafted filtered lenses, jumbo displays deliver clear and vibrant information both indoors and outdoors. From sporting events and industrial facilities to transportation hubs and public spaces, jumbo displays provide critical information with unwavering clarity. Moreover, the filtered lenses serve as guardians of precision, ensuring that these displays remain steadfast even in challenging environmental conditions.

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