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R.C.C. weighbridges offer a reliable and robust platform for accurately weighing heavy vehicles in various industries. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into the ground allows for easy vehicle access from any direction. Plus, they require minimal maintenance due to their solid concrete plate construction. The platform casting is done on-site, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly painting or repainting.

What truly makes R.C.C. weighbridges shine is their exceptional strength, stability, and substantial weight-bearing capacity. Their sturdy design ensures long-term durability and safety during usage, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

At Advance Tech, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our R.C.C. weighbridges are fabricated using high-grade raw materials sourced from trusted vendors, ensuring precision and reliability in every measurement. When you choose an R.C.C. weighbridge from us, you make a smart and profitable investment in your operations.


Built with a reinforced concrete platform for a sturdy and durable foundation for weighing heavy loads
Remain level with the ground, allowing vehicles to drive onto the platform from any direction quickly
Require minimal maintenance due to their robust construction, reducing downtime and operational costs
Less installation time
Does not require painting or repainting, further reducing maintenance efforts and costs
Suitable for industries such as agriculture, logistics, manufacturing, and construction
Engineered to handle heavy loads, making them suitable for various applications
Robust design that ensures stability during weighing operations, contributing to accurate and consistent measurements
Can be customized to meet specific size and capacity requirements, accommodating various industries and applications
Constructed using high-quality raw materials, ensuring reliability and longevity
Safety features are integrated into the design to minimize the risk of accidents or mishaps during weighing processes

These features collectively make R.C.C. weighbridges a preferred choice for industries where durability, accuracy, and efficiency in weighing operations are essential.

Technical Specifications

Platform Size6X3M7.5X3M9X3M12X3M14X3M16X3M18X3M
Capacity30T50T60T60T/80T80 T/ 100T80 T/ 100T100T
No. Of Load Cells4466688
Least Count5Kg5kg10kg10kg10kg10kg10kg
  • Max axle loads as per specs of Indian Road Congress
  • All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • **Higher Capacities up to 200T are also available
  • Our policy prioritizes ongoing product improvement. Hence, we retain the right to implement technical enhancements without prior notification.

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