At Advance Tech, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable weighing solutions for various industries. Our 60 ton weighbridges are designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, providing precision and durability at an affordable price point.

Our 60 Ton Weighbridges:

We take pride in offering robust and efficient 60 ton weighbridges that cater to the diverse needs of industries across India. Whether you’re in logistics, manufacturing, or any other sector requiring precise weight measurement, our weighbridges are the solution for you.

Affordable Pricing:

We believe in making quality weighbridges accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get a top-notch 60 ton weighbridge without compromising on quality. Advance Tech is committed to providing cost-effective solutions that meet your budgetary requirements.

Why Choose Advance Tech

  • Quality Assurance: Our 60-ton weighbridges undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet international standards for accuracy and durability.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer customization options to tailor our weighbridges to your specific requirements.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, Advance Tech has established itself as a reliable and trusted provider of weighing solutions.


Ready to invest in a 60-ton weighbridge that combines precision and affordability? Contact Advance Tech today. 

Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and providing you with the ideal weighing solution for your business. Trust Advance Tech for quality, reliability, and affordability in every weigh.


High Load Capacity: Our 60-ton weighbridge from Advance Tech is designed to handle heavy loads with precision, making it ideal for various industrial applications.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty usage, our weighbridge boasts a durable construction that ensures longevity and minimal maintenance.
Customization Options: Recognizing the unique needs of different industries, we provide customization options to tailor the 60-ton weighbridge to specific operational requirements.
Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks are conducted to ensure that our weighbridges meet international standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability in every unit.
Expertise and Trust: With years of expertise in the industry, Advance Tech has earned a reputation for being a trusted provider of weighing solutions, making us the ideal choice for your 60-ton weighbridge needs.
Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring businesses of all sizes can access a reliable 60-ton weighbridge.
Precision Weighing: Advance Tech prioritizes accuracy in every weigh. Our 60-ton weighbridge is equipped with precision technology to deliver reliable and consistent weight measurements.

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