Advance Weighing Concept

Centralized Database Weighing Solutions

This solution is ideal for corporates, where multiples weighbridges needs to connect together to enables weighing in realtime. The distance does't makes any difference for successfully running of the solutions. This solution can run on LAN or WAN.


  • Realtime Weighing Solution.
  • Can be Intergrated with any ERP Software.
  • Very user friendly software can work on local network or through Internet.
  • Bar code slips (Optional, Which will reduce time for second entry)
  • All data transmitted in 128bit encrypted mode, which make all records safe and secure.

Unmanned Weighbridge(RFID-based)

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves. It's grouped under the broad category of automatic identification technologies.

This solutions is Ideal for Mining Industry, Steel Industry, Cement Industry etc. Please feel free to call us or email regarding the details of this product.


  • Simple, accurate and fast weighing.
  • 365x24x7 Working of the weighbridge without any operator.
  • Reduced running and operational cost.
  • Highly Realiable


  • Computer connectivity through Wireless Network / CAT5 cable.
  • Remote Display.

SMS Facility

Through this indicator, the owner of weighbridge can receive weighment details through SMS. Multiple mobile numbers can be registered in the indicator & on completion of every weighment, details are automatically sent to the registered mobile number.


  • Upto 5 mobile numbers can be registered in the indicator. Weighment details will be sent on these registered mobile numbers.
  • A GSM modem with a mobile sim is to install with the indicator.
  • All the SMS of weighment details will be sent through mobile sim install in GSM modem.
  • Registered mobile number can ask for summary report by sending an SMS to the sim installed in the GSM modem.
  • Provision to send the SMS of weighment details to any additional mobile number entered during data entry. This mobile number can be of driver or supplier or any other.
  • While creating party code mobile number of the party can also be registered. An SMS will automatically sent to the mobile number,when any vehicle of him come for weighment.


  • The user can receive weighment details any where through SMS.
  • Total monitoring of weighment activities can be done from any remote location.
  • It can be a useful marketing tool as sending of weighment details to the supplier will give a positive impact on suppliers mind about weighbridge services.


  • 2 lac records memory.
  • 10 ticket entry.
  • Pre-printed ticket setting.
  • Time report.
  • Coding facility.

Wireless Display

This feature is useful for both Industrial & Public weighbridges. Wireless Remote Displays are installed with wireless technology that does not require any physical connection between Indicator & Remote Display.



  • No cabling required- No need of cabling between Indicator & Remote Display.
  • Less installation & Maintenance cost- Installation cost gets reduced a lot, as cost of cable, laying & Digging charges etc is not required. Very Less Maintenance cost as compare to wired display.
  • Long Distance- The distance between indicator & wireless display can be upto 100 mt.
  • Multiple wireless display-Multiple Wireless display can also be installed for a single weight indicator.
  • Very less installation time-Installation time get reduce a lot as, no need of capping, casing or digging of cable.


  • It can be installed with existing Weight Indicators also.
  • Option to install wireless transmitter inbuilt in the machine.
  • Wireless display compatible to other make indicators (Avery, Sartorius, etc.) can also be provided.


  • Wireless Transmitter:- This will be installed in the weight Indicator through COM Port. Its range is up to 100 meters.
  • Wireless Display:- This is installed at remote location to display the weight. A power supply is to be given to this display.
  • Medium & High range antennas are also available for long distance working.


Dual Platform Indicator is a very useful product for weigh bridge application. It is used to connect two weighing platform through a single weight indicator.


  • wo weigh bridge platform can be connected - Dual platform indicator has two individual port for connecting weigh bridge platform. Thus two weigh bridge platform can be connected in a single weight indicator (Dual platform indicator).
  • Individual calibration- Both the weigh bridge platform will be calibrated individually. The capacity & length of both the platform can be different.
  • Weight Display- The platform selection option is field programmable. The weight of individual platform, Platform 1 + Platform 2 can be shown in the indicator.


  • Capacity Expansion- Capacity of existing Weigh bridge can be increased easily by using Dual Platform Indicator.
  • Two weigh bridges through a single indicator- Two separate weigh bridges can be operate through a dual platform indicator. Tare weight of vehicle in platform 1 and Gross weight at platform 2 can also be taken.
  • Saving of operator cost- Single operator is required to operate two weigh bridges, results in saving of operator cost.

Our policy is one of continuous product enhancement. We therefore reserve the right to incorporate technical modifications without prior notification.

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